4A Toll Crossbar Switch
Richmond, Va. Reunion
& Celebration

Announced June 25, 1954,  Placed in service on June 27, 1954.
Replaced by an electronic switch in 1981.

June 24, 2021

Fish Tails  ( un-verified )

Selected Quick Shots
Low Light & Camera Movement
Mixed Results

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Video Clips with Audio

4A Group Umpire
mp4         Pete      wmv



4A Group Rock Star
mp4      Rick      wmv



4A Group Comedian
mp4      Butch     wmv



4A Group Story Teller
(Fish / Hooker)
mp4      Radar     wmv



4A Group Student
mp4      Curtis      wmv



4A Group Hunter
mp4      Roger      wmv



4A Group Admired
mp4      Charlie      wmv



4A Group Talker
mp4      Wilson      wmv



4A Group Area Code Enabler
mp4     Bob Suttler     wmv



4A Group Mechanic
mp4      Taise      wmv



4A Group Charmer
mp4      Bob Monds      wmv



4A Group Clean Tester
mp4      Brooke      wmv



4A Group Inspiration
mp4      Wink      wmv



4A Group Support
mp4      Spouses      wmv



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